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Grow your business now by generating immediate traffic from Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing(MSN) and LinkedIn. Generate traffic in as soon as 48 hours from setting up your PPC Campaign.


Perfect complement to SEO

In the game of SEO, when you don’t know in advance which keywords produce results, you risk wasting valuable time and money ranking for keywords that don’t turn browsers into buyers. To mitigate this risk of investing in ranking for unproven terms, it is important to collect valuable data before investing in a long-term SEO strategy. This is where PPC and SEO make the perfect marriage.


PPC’s ability to show up on the first page results immediately allow us to collect data quickly to make informative decisions on keywords. For example, we could speculate that ranking for ‘buy blue widgets’ will perform better than ranking for ‘buy red widgets’ but until we put them in the game and test, its only speculation. After running PPC campaigns for a certain period of time, the data will speak for itself and we can measure what pays. ‘Buy blue widgets’ might show 1,000 visitors and 2 buyers while ‘buy red widgets’ will show 1,000 visitors and 150 buyers- bullet dodged. We can now confidently add ‘buy red widgets’ to your SEO keyword strategy.


The benefit to this marriage doesn’t just stop there. Many studies from industry leaders show again and again that showing up in paid search results as well organic search results increase the likelihood of a customer buying from your site. Why? Showing up in two different places establishes your brand as a trusted authority in that marketplace. Ordering online can feel like risky business for some people, so establishing trust in anyway possible is key to succeeding online.


The Gravity Internet Marking Approach

GIM takes a strategic, data driven approach to Paid Search. We take all baseline knowledge available to create a baseline to work from, including interviews with you, the domain experts and stakeholders. From there we seek to continually improve your campaigns to maximum ROI, continually tuning and tweaking.


Your paid search campaigns will be set up in highly focused, relevant groupings of keywords and ads to effectively target your customers. From there, we continually optimize your campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar you put into advertising. We are always testing and adjusting:

  • Keywords
  • Bids
  • Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Location Targeting
  • Time of Day
  • Seasonality
  • Budget
  • Domain-specific ideas


Our aim is to turn your PPC campaigns into a solid investment, where ROI is known all the way down to the keyword.


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