Google Feed Optimization / Google Base Optimization

Google feed optimization is a must have marketing strategy when selling products on the internet. While adding you to Google’s product feed is easy, optimizing your feed on Google is where we earn our stars. In fact, inclusion is almost always automatic; the real work begins with getting your feed well positioned and ranking for strategic keywords that will convert into sales. 

The major factors required for optimal Google product feed are: + Intelligently structuring product information 
+ Optimal use of images 
+ Monitoring and adapting to competition 
+ Proper transition to a product page 
+ Connected analytics 
+ Continuity for the shopping experience. 
+ Operational integration 
 Services: We understand businesses need different levels of engagement when it comes to Google Feed Optimization.  We offer the following levels of service: 

Google Feed Consulting - Our direct advice based on your needs  
Google Feed – One Time Optimization - We optimize your feed once 
Google Feed – Optimization + Maintenance - We optimize your feed and check in bi-monthly

How it begins:  Email us at to schedule 20 minute free consultation.  If we determine there is a fit, we will create a fixed-price proposal.

Food for thought.. Like organic search, Google Product Search (formerly called Froogle) is competitive.  While inclusion in the feed is practically guaranteed with any effort, appearing prominently for the right terms, providing a good shopping experience and converting to sales are the real goals.  Allow us to properly asses your product, its competition, and establish a strategic niche within Google’s feed for top exposure. Our services are valuable and provide high ROI - please contact us at for a consultation and custom proposal. 

Competition Clause – We will not accept more than one client in a particular product space!  Handling a feed and communicating with a client can involve handling proprietary or sensitive information.  Word of mouth is our best marketing tool and we will not violate our clients trust.  All operations Gravity Internet Marketing provides are executed in the United States at our head quarters in San Diego, CA –Never Outsourced!


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