Search Engine Optimization

Gravity Internet Marketing, based in sunny San Diego, offers expert, results-oriented search engine optimization (SEO) management and consulting services. SEO is how we started and it’s still at the core of our business. We’ve served many happy clients and helped them achieve their web marketing goals.


Why choose Gravity?  It’s pretty simple…


Experience – We’ve been doing this for almost a decade


Results – Proven & solid track record of REAL results


Though not easy to distill all of the necessary components that go into proper SEO, the following are the primary elements of our methodology (wordy explanations below):

+ Understand the client
+ Initial site audit
+ Keyword research
+ Optimization
+ Content development
+ Content Marketing
+ Analytics

Understand the client 

Search engine optimization, like any marketing plan, needs to be tailored to the specific objectives of each client. For that we need to understand your business and how SEO fits into your objectives. We need to understand your products or services, your competitors, your clients and much more – the more integrated we are the better.

Initial site audit

Next we need to get to know your website and find out what we’re working with. We run a series of diagnostics on your site to reveal any technical issues that might limit performance. The site audit also allows us to capture a variety of critical metrics that helps to set a baseline from which to measure performance improvements.

Keyword research

SEO is a world of words, so it goes to show that keyword research would be at its heart. And, diligence at this level will pay off in the end. Keyword research reveals the exact words people use when searching online. We work to uncover every possible permutation of the keywords relative to your industry.

Optimization & Content development

Keyword research drives the next two elements of SEO, optimization and content development. We use our research findings to optimize each page of your site. This includes title tags, meta tag descriptions and on-page content.  If you think of search engines as a highly-advanced data retrieval system (which they are), optimization and good SEO content simply makes it easier for the search engines to understand the themes of your web pages, so they can be more readily retrieved in search.

Link development

Link development, in the traditional sense, has been severely restrained.  Google has very effectively removed/neutered most of the techniques. Unfortunately, The importance of getting links has not gone away. The most viable, safe and effective method now is content marketing, which done right, will deliver new backlinks. Content marketing also helps with increasing traffic and brand exposure.


Analytics provide critical insights and data about your website, from basic traffic data to more advanced metrics like AOV, ROI, ROAS, and almost everything in between. In short, analytics are a must for any online business and we’ll help set you up.


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