What is Google Home Services?

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2020

Google Home Services, or GHS, is a new form of giving searchers Google-trusted purchasing options as opposed to other less favorable options in the PPC landscape. These listings offer consumers another way to feel like they can trust the actual businesses they are clicking to. A small green check icon indicates a company is a “Google Guaranteed” listing. The position of these ads in being the first thing you see on the page, coupled with this trust badge, makes this a significant shift in how advertisers reach their customers.

Here’s how it works: As illustrated in the picture below, we typed “Garage Door Service” into the Google search query. The entire first page doesn’t show a single organic search result. The first thing we come across are the Google Home Services ads front and center with ratings, phone numbers, and a nice Google Guaranteed trust icon. Next, we see three paid advertisements where at times it feels like Russian roulette in terms of the quality of the company advertising.

In order to see any organic search results, we have to scroll further down the page. With all this page and search results real estate going towards ads, the quality, and trustworthiness of the Google Home Services ads will be a huge factor in consumer decisions.


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