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Expert Service

A team of real experts with combined decades of hands-on experience

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Results Driven

We have a long track record of growing organic search and solving your problems

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Customized For You

Get a strategy tailored to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths


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Expert Service

A team of real experts with combined decades of hands-on experience.

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Results Driven

We have a long track record of growing organic search and solving your problems.

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Customized For You

Get a strategy tailored to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

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Why Gravity?

With Gravity, you have all three factors that make for a truly optimized, modernized, and appealing website that converts.

1. We have an SEO expert that will comb through your content to be sure that it isn’t just your meta descriptions that help your website rank.

2. We have a CRO expert, who can look into your analytics and tell you what pages attract people and why, where they spend their time on your website, what messaging they are most likely to click on, and what factors are converting viewers into customers.

3. Our content manager and digital strategist have years of experience creating websites and landing pages that generate leads, sales funnels that really convert, and strategies that stand the test of time and move the needle where it really counts.

We know that we don’t have to tell you why Kajabi is an excellent platform. We use it ourselves! There are seemingly countless ways to optimize, customize, and market your website and your content. But are you taking full advantage of all of these features?

  • Email funnels and marketing

  • Marketing pipelines and automation

  • Comprehensive list tagging

  • 1-click upsells

  • SEO

  • Fast landing page design

  • Tons of templates to choose from

  • Mobile optimization

  • Product sales funnel development

  • Form integration

  • Product and ecourse development

  • Billing integration

  • Video backup, hosting, and storage

  • Integrated subscriptions

  • Real-time insights into your business with reports

  • User forecasting

  • Customer progress tracking

  • And more!

Are You Taking Advantage of What Kajabi Can Do?

So often, marketing agencies will spend their time trying to convince you of everything you need to do that you aren’t already doing. For example, we get clients that don’t have a blog on their website but have tons of information and content they could be posting. In that case, we would absolutely recommend that we include blogging as part of their marketing strategy.

But what about cases where business owners know that they have great content and have dedicated lots of time to posting blogs and have even done a great job of posting regularly? We would praise them for this. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to be done and a lot that this business owner isn’t aware of to truly capitalize on something as simple as blogging. Yes, they post regular blog posts but…

  • Do they have a relevant and quality image to go with each blog post?
  • Is it free of grammar and spelling errors?
  • Has the image been given alt descriptions or attributes so that the image itself ranks?
  • Has the blog post content been optimized for SEO?
  • Has the blog post been given an SEO title and description?
  • Does the blog post include links to other blog posts or pages on the site?
  • Does the blog post answer a specific question and is thus valuable to search engines?
  • Is the blog post structured well, is not too long, and isn’t too wordy, so that you don’t lose a reader’s attention?
  • Has the blog post been shared to social media platforms, with catchy messaging that presents a question and makes the user want to click on the link to learn the answer?

The list goes on. And this is what we at Gravity Internet Marketing think is so important to point out. We know most business owners have taken many steps to bring their business online, to use social media to share their content and services, to give potential customers a place to learn more about the business with a website. It is no longer the case where people need digital marketing help because they have never done any kind of online marketing themselves or taken any steps to bring their business to the virtual world. Our clients usually come to us because they have done all this, they have been doing their own digital marketing for years, and it either helped for a time and isn’t helping anymore or it isn’t helping at all and they feel stuck. They are putting in hours and hours to do the work everyone knows they have to do for their business but they are missing something, some crucial details and finesse that actually lead to new users, conversions, and thus growth.

That is what we are here for. To take your digital marketing to the next step, to kick into a higher gear, if you will, because we know so many business owners have already worked so hard and have spent countless hours moving their business into the digital world. But all those hours are also precious hours you might have needed to put into other vital aspects of your business and even into your own life.

You’re the driver. We are your pit crew and you don’t want to have to worry about managing all the things happening under the hood when you need to focus on the road.

Leave the Fine-Tuning Up To Us

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Save You Building Time

You're not a website designer and that's okay. We will build you a brand new, custom website in 2 weeks and then empower you on how to make any changes down the road you might need to make yourself. But instead of taking the weeks or months to figure it out, let us build you a website that will rank, convert, and that your customers will remember.

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Save You Marketing Time

There is an immense amount of marketing power you get with your Kajabi account, everything from emails to funnels to giveaways. But it takes time to set it up, to test every detail, to think of the best messaging for each product or service, for every automated email that needs to go out. And you're busy running your business. So let us take care of the rest and set up your business to run without you.

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Save You Maintenance Time

Websites are engines; they need tune-ups and maintenance checks. Business owners can sometimes get to busy to remember to do these or to get around to it, whether it's a simple as outdated facts or dates buried somewhere on your site or content, blog posts, and updates that need to be regularly updated and maintained. We will remember to check off every box so you don't have to.

Give Your Business the Spark It Needs.

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