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Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

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A Full-Service Marketing Agency

When you hire Gravity Internet Marketing, you will get a team of real experts that can hit the ground running for your online business. Our decades of experience means we have been solving problems and developing strategies that we can employ for you right away. Our work is done efficiently and to the highest standards because we know that the stakes are always high - it's your business!
We will commit to tailoring an Internet Marketing strategy for YOUR business, budgets, timelines, idiosyncrasies (all businesses have them) and bandwidth. We will apply our more than 30 years of collective experience to winning in your competitive market space.

Our Secret to Internet Marketing

Chances are if you reading this that you are somewhere in the process of hiring an Internet Marketing agency, or maybe a consultant. And like many, you might be little confounded by this process. How do you know they are any good? How do they determine fees? What kind of results can I expect? What are some things I should look out for?

Unfortunately, the Internet Marketing industry is a bit like the wild west in that it’s a bit lawless. There’s no accreditation, no licensing and, for the most part, there are no degrees. Google offers some certification in Adwords (Google Adwords Pro) and Analytics (GAIQ certified), but few take (or have) the time to get certified, and certification without experience may be a little ‘academic’. Beyond that, there’s little to go on in terms of unbiased 3rd party credentials.

After a decade in Internet Marketing, we have learned a lot about what makes for a successful Internet Marketing campaign. Some of our fellow marketers might immediately think of success as:  good SEO, well-executed paid search, conversions, high ROAS, brand-building, etc, etc. Check, check and check. Yes, those are all good and important things. But there is something that can, and often does, scuttle good results – the relationship between client and agency/consultant.

The bottom line is, an agency or consultant might be the best at what they do or might have a great team. But this does not mean they will produce great results for a client. The client needs to be on board with what you are doing and why you are doing it. They need to be involved in the process from beginning to end. They need to trust and like you and your team. An agency needs to communicate lots of details and overcome obstacles and remember that this isn't just about business. We know that what we do makes our clients money, money to pay bills, their employees, and themselves. Therefore we take it as a sacred trust and take our jobs seriously. Do it poorly and lives are affected. Do it well and lives are enriched. Our work keeps the engine running; we get it. Our own good work keeps our engine running. This reciprocity works. Achieving excellent results in Internet Marketing is a journey and you’ll need a partner that understands the seriousness of the trust being put in their hands. We are that partner.

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With 30+ years of shared experience, Gravity has a long track record of proven results.

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We've helped a diverse list of businesses see the results of proven marketing strategies.

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Don't just take our word for it. See the results for yourself and the before and after of our marketing work.

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"We have been working with Gravity for a few years now, and I can absolutely attest to the results - all aspects of our Internet Marketing have dramatically improved including SEO and paid search, conversions, revenue, social media and more. I highly recommend this company."

- Hildur Ómarsdóttir

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The Secret to Internet Marketing

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